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Broptics is aiming to be the world Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG or ֥]) supply center. Whenever or wherever you need the following solutions, Broptics always serves as your reliable partner: Athermal FBG, FBG Athermal Packaging Service, Zirconium Tungstate, FBG Sensor and Sensor Array, EDFA and PDFA Amplifier.
Matured and versatile fiber gratings technologies
In house patent athermal packaging technologies
Most cost-effective manufacturing at Taiwan

Wavelength Reference (Athermal FBG)
Excellent thermal stability and compact size for wavelength reference applications

100GHzB50GHz FBG Filter
Matured 100GHzB50GHz channel spacing filter, flat-top, deep channel isolation, temperature compensated. Ideal for optical communications.  <more>

Athermal Packaging Service
Our Matured and In house patent athermal packaging technologies are your excellent partner of athermal packaging service.

Zirconium Tungstate
Excellent solution for FBGB DCG temperature compensation and for other applications.

FBG Optic Sensor and Sensor Array
FBG has been considered as the best optical sensor for strain, pressure, vibration, temperature engineering and biomedical detection. Check out how Broptics can make the most affordable and ease of use FBG sensors.   <more>

EDFA/PDFA Amplifiers
Excellent as pre-amplifierBIn-line amplifier or booster for optic fiber communication network.


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